Powerpoint Quizzes during Covid

Since the covid crisis started in 2020 and due to the subsequent lockdowns that were imposed in the majority of countries, people have had to find different ways to keep in touch with their families and friends since they were unable to physically see them. There has also been the need for people to keep themselves entertained at home with all the normal methods such as going out for a walk, a drink or a meal having been banned.

This has led to a monumental rise in the use of online video platforms such as Zoom, Teams and other systems which have allowed people to host virtual meetings with multiple family and friends simultaneously. This was never previously possible with phone calls which were obviously limited to a one to one non-video conversation. Although not the same as a face to face meeting, platforms like Zoom did allow family and friends to maintain some form of contact. I am sure that this has assisted a number of people who suffered with mental and anxiety issues during this horrendous crisis.

As the lockdowns continued a number of people started to become more adventurous with Zoom and host their own home zoom quiz on a regular basis. Some people would set-up the meeting and a 'quizmaster' would read out the questions and answers to the participants.

Perhaps due to the massive increase in work related zoom and teams use, and because of the screen sharing ability of the platform, people started to look for better quiz presentations that they could use. A PDF quiz worked on zoom however was a little limited in its appeal. The Powerpoint quiz however was perfect for Zoom as the quizmaster could simply host a meeting with multiple players and at the same time share his or her screen which was running the Powerpoint slideshow. The players could then see the Powerpoint slides and also hear the audio that was playing within them. This gave a far superior experience for all those involved. A great deal of our customers were purchasing quizzes on a weekly basis so were clearly loving the experience of the powerpoint quiz and its ability to keep people connected. To see a Powerpoint Quiz click here. A number of celebrities also got involved and hosted their own mass Zoom quiz, some with thousands of players. A great deal of money was raised for charity by some of these famous people.

Hopefully, now that we appear to have seen the worst of the covid crisis it is good that people are now able to return to their local pub for their Pub Quizzes, some of whom, having seen the advantages that a powerpoint pub quiz has, now run their pub quizzes on that platform. A significant amount of people also continue to use Zoom quizzes as a method to keep in touch with those family members and friends living far away or even in different countries. Let's hope that we never have to experience such a horrendous disease ever again and that life can now go back to normality.

To see how easy it is to run your own powerpoint quiz on zoom please click the link below

How to run a powerpoint pub quiz on zoom

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