Readymade Downloadable Powerpoint Pub Quizzes

Discover the ultimate collection of pub quizzes designed for pubs and entertainment venues and also for use at home. With over 190 downloadable PowerPoint quizzes readily available, hosting a captivating and engaging quiz night has never been easier.

Each quiz features five or six exciting rounds, including a General Knowledge round and a thrilling multiple-choice wipeout round. You'll also find stimulating puzzle or picture rounds, as well as a variety of other question rounds to keep the excitement going. All the quizzes come with integrated audio tracks for the music rounds, and most of  answer slides even include the music videos.

The  quizzes are also perfect for connecting with friends and family online, our quizzes are ideal for playing on platforms like Zoom. Simply open the PowerPoint, click on "Slide Show," and you're ready to share your screen and embark on an unforgettable trivia adventure.

After your purchase, expect an instant email from Sendowl within one minute. This email will provide you with a convenient link to download the complete PowerPoint quiz pack from Dropbox.

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