How We Can Help You

The features of our Quiz and Services are as follows:

- A new high impact audio-visual quiz experience

- Packaged and ready to run as a PowerPoint

- Answers have evidence

- Economically priced

- Various options i.e. weekly or one offs

- Free supporting downloadable resources such as scoreboards, answer sheets, advertising flyers etc.

The advantages are as follows:

- Other pubs do not have this new quiz experience

- Simple and easy to operate

- It is presented on the audiovisual equipment you already have

- No arguments as the evidence supports the correct answers

- Fresh new quiz easily downloadable each week

- Small investment

Your business benefits are:

- Attract customers from your competitors

- Fill you bar on “quiet nights”

- Players become addicted; will return again and again

- Increase in takings

- Create a new and regular revenue stream