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Power Pub Quiz: Providing Quizzes for Pubs and Questions for Quiz Nights

Welcome to Power Pub Quiz, where we specialise in delivering engaging and exciting quizzes for pubs, bars and events. Our unique approach to quiz nights has been a hit among pub-goers looking for something out of the ordinary. With an emphasis on creativity and interactivity, our quizzes have gained popularity for their innovative use of PowerPoint presentations.

Why Choose Power Pub Quiz for Your Quiz Night?

At Power Pub Quiz, we take pride in offering a refreshing twist to traditional pub quizzes. Our quizzes are designed to captivate participants with an immersive audio and visual experience. By projecting our quizzes onto screens or TVs, we create an engaging atmosphere that keeps players entertained throughout the event.

Expanding Our Reach: Quizzes for Various Functions and Events

Word quickly spread about the excitement generated by Power Pub Quiz, leading us to present quizzes at a variety of functions and events. We have had the privilege of hosting quizzes at prestigious venues such as the British Business Group's numerous events, Capital Club, Jumeirah Golf Estates, and various charity events. Additionally, we have partnered with GEMS schools, Jumeirah College events, the Emirates Golf Club, and Jebel Ali Recreation Club to provide memorable quiz experiences.

The Power Duo: Steve and Mike

In 2012, Mike joined Steve as a host for Power Pub Quiz, bringing his own flair and expertise to our quiz nights. Since April 2018, we have been successfully running a weekly quiz night every Monday that continues to attract enthusiastic participants. Although Mike has returned to the UK in 2019, he remains available for assistance during normal working hours at 01403 274550. For any inquiries, you can also reach us via email at, and we will respond promptly.

Adapting to Diverse Needs: Printable Quiz Options Available

Understanding the demand for paper-based quizzes and the need to cater to venues without audio-visual facilities, we introduced downloadable PDF quizzes in August 2019. This option allows you to access our quizzes conveniently, and for those who prefer a physical copy, we will soon offer a printing and delivery service.

Conclusion: Choose Power Pub Quiz for an Unforgettable Quiz Night Experience

Power Pub Quiz is committed to providing unique and memorable quizzes for pubs and events. Our engaging PowerPoint-based quizzes and the availability of downloadable PDF versions cater to a wide range of preferences. Join the ranks of satisfied pub owners and event organisers who have experienced the excitement and success of Power Pub Quiz. Contact us today to elevate your quiz nights to new heights of entertainment and enjoyment!

How Can we help you?

Why Buy Your Quiz From Us?

Looking for the perfect Powerpoint quiz packed full of general knowledge questions and answers? We have over 15 years' experience in writing and presenting quizzes to bars, schools, business functions and clubs and currently present a weekly quiz. We don't like to make our quizzes too challenging as we find that this spoils peoples enjoyment. We aim for a winning score of around 80% correct answers with lowest score being say 50%. In doing so no one feels embarrassed.  There is no requirement to subscribe or make a commitment as our quizzes are available as one off purchases as and when you like. Quizzes in PDF downloadable format are from £7 for a full five or six round quiz. The Powerpoint quizzes are from £12 each.

Check Our Powerpoint Quizzes

What Are In The Powerpoint Quizzes?

The quizzes are generally of six rounds of various subjects. All have general knowledge questions and other rounds such as sport, art and literature, history, geography etc. We also include two picture or puzzle rounds in each of the Powerpoint packs. Our wipeout round consists of ten multiple choice questions- decide if you wish to attempt each question as any wrong answer loses the team all the points in that round. Quizzes are available in two formats. The first is a paper based quiz which you can download in PDF format. The second version is a powerpoint deck which includes embedded images for evidence of answers and also embedded music and videos for the music rounds.

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The best downloadable quizzes for pubs with answers. Everything is done for you, simply download the multiple round quiz and play. No more tedious researching of questions. We also have PDF Pub Quizzes if you prefer to print and distribute your pub quiz questions.

Play at home or link together and host a virtual zoom quiz night. Our downloadable quiz packs make it easy for you. Different packs for all ages including kids quizzes. Don't worry, none are too difficult! Click here for instructions on how to set-up Zoom. The reviews from our Facebook page are below. Click on the box at the bottom of the page to receive a free sample pub quiz.

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