Why not have a family quiz night or alternately get your friends to join you on a FB group chat or Zoom for a virtual quiz night? Our Downloadable Five and Six Round Question and Answer Quiz Packs make it easy for you. Scroll down and look at how we can help you.


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Another quiz went well last night had 15 teams, took a short video which I will try and get to you.

We’ve been playing to a packed house this year, people love the format.

Peter Dillingham - Landlord at The Black Boy, Bricket Wood, Hertforshire

Who We Are

Power Pub Quiz is run by Steve and Mike. Steve decided in 2003 to start hosting quizzes in his local pub. As a bit of a powerpoint buff, Steve designed the quizzes on that platform. These were an immediate hit due to them being a little out of the ordinary and a different format from the normal pub quiz at that time. Steve’s quizzes had everything embedded, with just a click needed on the mouse to bring up the next question or answer. These were projected onto a screen or TV screens for a great audio and visual experience. Word spread and Steve started to present quizzes at various functions and events including the following: British Business Group’s numerous events, Capital Club, Jumeirah Golf Estates, Various charity events, GEMS schools and Jumeirah College events, the Emirates Golf Club and Jebel Ali Recreation Club. 

Mike started to assist Steve in hosting these quizzes around 2012.  They have been running an extremely successful weekly quiz night every Monday since April 2018.

As a result of demand for paper based quizzes, and to cater to those venues without audio-visual facilities, Mike and Steve decided in August 2019 to start providing quizzes in a downloadable PDF format; the option to have us print and post them to you will follow shortly. 

How Can we help you?

Why Buy Your Quiz From Us?

We have over 15 years' experience in writing and presenting quizzes to bars, schools, business functions and clubs and currently present a weekly quiz. We don't like to make our quizzes too challenging as we find that this spoils peoples enjoyment. We aim for a winning score of around 80% correct answers with lowest score being say 50%. In doing so no one feels embarrassed.  There is no requirement to subscribe or make a commitment as our quizzes are available as one off purchases as and when you like. Quizzes in PDF downloadable format are £5 for a full six round quiz. View a sample here.

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What Are In The Quizzes?

The quizzes are generally of six rounds of various subjects. All have a general knowledge round and other rounds such as sport, art and literature, history, geography etc. We also include two picture or puzzle rounds in each pack. Our wipeout round is multiple choice - any wrong answer loses the team all the points in that round. Quizzes are available in two formats. The first is a paper based quiz which you can either download or have a full set delivered to your door. The second version is a powerpoint deck which includes embedded images for evidence of answers and also embedded music and videos for the music rounds.

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Try It For Free

If you click on the link below it will take you to a page where you can view and print off a sample quiz. If you would like to see a Powerpoint version please email us on mike.weaver@power-pubquiz.com and we will send you a link to download a copy as the file sizes are quite large. 

If you would like to download some promotional flyers or an excel scoreboard please take a look the the Free Resources tab above.

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