How to run a Zoom Quiz

How to use Zoom to deliver a PowerPoint Quiz online to family and friends

Now that we fortunately appear to be seeing the end of the Covid crisis, with the majority of countries having ended their lockdowns, people are thinking about how best to stay in touch with those friends and relatives who are living far away.

Hosting a Zoom quiz or a powerpoint quiz can still be the perfect means of entertainment and, at the same time, keep in contact with your loved ones.

Listed below are some easy tips on how to set-up and run your own zoom pub quiz.

Equipment suggestions

The following is based on the Quizmaster using a Windows PC. The set-up on a Mac is essentially the same. The Quiz Players or Quiz Teams can experience the Power Pub Quiz audio & video on PC’s, Mac, Tablets or phones however we suggest a laptop will be the best. 

Quiz Setup – Windows PC

Download Zoom Client for Meetings from this link follow the automatic installation.

As it is not possible to deliver a complete Quiz in 40mins (which is the meeting time limit in the free Basic version) we suggest subscribing £11.99 per month to upgrade to the Pro version. This extends the meeting time to 24hrs. Alternatively, if you don't wish to upgrade the package you may wish to deliver the first 40 minutes and once the meeting has ended after the first 40 minutes re-invite people and start again from where you left off.  The upgrade can be done here

Prepare Zoom by adding and inviting contacts. We suggest you do this a few days in advance as this is very valuable exercise to do as will be explained later.

We also suggest you send out printable answer sheets as attachments to an email in advance. These can be downloaded from here

Email your invitation to your Zoom meeting to your Quiz players to join the Quiz at least 30mins before you plan to start the actual quiz delivery.

This allows time for the following:

  • Getting people into the Zoom meeting who are having difficulties
  • Advising the attendees on getting their cameras and audio to work
  • Gathering Player/Team names
  • Use the time for introductions
  • Use the time for explaining online meeting best practises. As an example it is better for one person to speak at any one time and it is better to be “on mute” if you do not have anything to say as this avoids possible feedback interference

We suggest the Quizmaster enlists the help of a volunteer to run the Scoreboard. An editable scoreboard is available to download here

On the Quizmaster PC we suggest that the only programs you have open are Zoom and the PowerPoint containing the quiz. This will make it easier to navigate when you come to share your screen.

When the players are settled in it is time to start the quiz. Now is the time to share your screen. The most important thing to do next is in audio settings choose “Share computer sound” (please also note this will not work if you have an additional screen plugged into your PC).

Now you are good to open your PowerPoint and move to Slide Show to start the delivery. At this point you will not have so much visibility of the Zoom controls.

Players will drop out of the meeting. This can be for many reasons; however they will need to quickly re-join the meeting. This is why it is important that you have pre-loaded your contacts into Zoom as you can quickly invite them to join again without too much interruption to the flow of your quiz delivery.

At the end of each round the scoreboard volunteer can collect team scores and share his/her screen to the meeting.

The Zoom Help Centre can be found here and contains many sources of help such as video tutorials and FAQ’s

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