How to run an online virtual quiz night?

Since the onset of the limitations on people moving from their homes and the decision to close all the pubs and clubs down a lot of people are asking "how do you run an online quiz night?"

The are a few ways to do it including using microsoft teams and facebook group chat but one of the easiest is to use an app called Zoom.

Zoom allows you to set-up an online video and audio meeting where you can invite your friends by email to join you. Upto 100 people can join you at a time. During the meeting you can share your screen whilst running a quiz and either read out the questions or, if you are running a Powerpoint quiz, let people read the questions from their own computers. At the same time all the participants can see the others who are playing on their screens. What better was to bring people together, admittedly whilst they are all still in their own homes.

You can sign up for a free zoom account at If you want a longer meeting time you can pay a small monthly charge.

Once you open zoom you can either go straight into a meeting or schedule a meeting for a specific time. You then invite your friends by email which will send them a link to enable them to join the meeting.

Once ready you start the powerpoint or pdf quiz on your computer and click the share screen button on zoom. Everyone will then be able to hear the audio from the powerpoint as well as the chat between you and your friends.

 More detailed instructions can be found on the link below:

How to run the quiz on Zoom

If you need a powerpoint quiz to play please take a look here. Powerpoint Quizzes

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  • Can you run these on mobiles please? The link above no longer available. Can PowerPoint be downloaded on mobiles for FaceTime, or has to be into zoom please? Thanks


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