Bumper Christmas Quiz - PowerPoint Format

Bumper Christmas Quiz - PowerPoint Format

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Host the ultimate Christmas Quiz this holiday season! Perfect for Zoom Christmas party games, pub nights, or cosy family gatherings, our Christmas quiz brings the festive spirit right to your doorstep.

Featuring seven rounds of holiday fun:

  1. Christmas Trivia Round: Dive into holiday traditions and facts, perfect for trivia enthusiasts
  2. Observation Round: Watch a movie clip and answer questions on what you have seen and heard
  3. Secret Santa Picture Round: A visual treat, great for those who love a pictorial challenge
  4. Christmas Dingbats Round: Ideal for puzzle solvers, decode these holiday-themed dingbats
  5. Christmas Anagrams Round: Sort out the letters to make Christmas centric items
  6. Wipeout Round: Adds an exciting twist for risk-takers
  7. Christmas Music: Name the artist(s) A must-play for music fans

This 70-question holiday quiz is more than just entertainment; it’s a way to connect and create joyful memories. Get ready to challenge your friends and family this holiday season!”