B230 Pub Quiz (14 Apr 2024) - Printable PDF Format

B230 Pub Quiz (14 Apr 2024) - Printable PDF Format

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Whether you're a pub owner aiming to ignite the spirit of competition or a devoted quiz enthusiast seeking unforgettable moments, our quiz pack is your passport to an evening of excitement and entertainment.

Round 1: General Knowledge: With a diverse array of general knowledge questions spanning a wide range of topics. From history to pop culture and everything in between, this round is designed to engage participants of all backgrounds and interests.

Round 2: Movie Music: Associated hits from 80's and 90's movies

Round 3: Sport Logos: Testing the visual sporting logos

Round 4: Shopping Basket Logos: Name the company

Round 5: Wipe Out Round: Get ready for the ultimate quiz challenge in the Wipe Out Round! Answer 10 multiple-choice questions, but beware: get just one question wrong, and you'll lose all your hard-earned points for the round. The stakes are high, and the tension is real!

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