What are the most popular subject for rounds in a pub quiz?

In a pub quiz, the choice of subjects for rounds can greatly impact the enjoyment and engagement of participants. Here are some of the most popular and widely enjoyed subjects for rounds in a pub quiz:

1. General Knowledge: A staple in most pub quizzes, general knowledge quiz question and answer rounds cover a wide range of topics from history and geography to science and literature. These rounds appeal to a broad audience and allow participants to showcase their overall knowledge.

2. Music: Music rounds are a hit, featuring snippets of songs for participants to identify the artist or song title. This can include various genres to cater to different musical tastes. At www.Power-pubquiz.com we also incorporate videos within the answer slides which we have not seen done in any other Powerpoint Quizzes available online on the market.

3. Film and TV: Everyone loves a good movie or TV show. Questions about famous actors, movie quotes, film trivia, and TV series can add an entertaining twist to your quiz.

4. Picture Rounds: Visual rounds featuring images of celebrities, landmarks, or objects that participants need to identify can be engaging and visually appealing.

5. Food and Drink: Questions about cuisines, ingredients, cocktails, and famous dishes are not only fun but also make participants hungry for more knowledge.

6. Sports: Sports enthusiasts enjoy testing their knowledge of various sports, athletes, and historical sporting events.

7. History: History rounds can cover a wide range of eras and events, from ancient civilisations to modern history, making it both educational and intriguing.

8. Geography: Geography questions about countries, capitals, landmarks, and geographical features offer a great opportunity to challenge participants’ knowledge of the world.

9. Science and Nature: These rounds can cover topics such as biology, chemistry, astronomy, and the natural world, catering to those with a scientific inclination.

10. Wordplay and Puzzles: Riddles, anagrams, and wordplay challenges can bring an element of fun and mental gymnastics to the quiz.

11. Famous Quotes: Participants are asked to identify the source of famous quotes or match quotes with the personalities who said them.

12. Art and Literature: Questions about famous authors, literary works, art movements, and iconic paintings can appeal to those with an artistic flair.

13. Current Events: A current events round adds a contemporary touch to your quiz, testing participants’ knowledge of recent news and trends.

14. Name the Year: Provide participants with historical events, inventions, or pop culture moments and ask them to guess the year they happened.

15. Name That Logo: Display logos of famous brands or companies, challenging participants to identify them.


Remember to strike a balance between different subjects to cater to a diverse audience and keep the quiz engaging and enjoyable for all participants. Mixing up the types of rounds can create a well-rounded quiz experience that appeals to various interests and knowledge levels.

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