Uncover the Best Pub Quizzes in Major UK Cities , London, Dublin, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, Swansea, Cardiff, and Belfast

Looking for a fun and intellectually stimulating night out? Look no further than the classic pub quiz! These gatherings of trivia enthusiasts have become a beloved tradition in pubs across the UK and Ireland. In this blog post, we’ll take you on a tour of some of the best pub quizzes to attend in . Whether you’re a seasoned quizzer or a newbie, there’s a quiz night waiting for you.
The Grapes, Limehouse
If you find yourself in London’s historic Limehouse, head over to The Grapes for a weekly quiz night that’s a local favorite. This charming riverside pub offers a delightful atmosphere and challenging pub quiz questions that will test your knowledge. Don’t forget to enjoy their selection of craft beers while you quiz!
The Churchill Arms, Kensington
The Churchill Arms in Kensington is not only famous for its beautiful floral exterior but also for its entertaining pub quiz nights. Held every Sunday, this quiz covers a wide range of topics and includes interactive PowerPoint quizzes that add an exciting twist to the competition.
The Horseshoe, Dublin 12
Dublin is known for its vibrant pub culture, and The Horseshoe in Dublin 12 is no exception. Their weekly pub quizzes are renowned for their variety of rounds, including challenging pub quiz questions and answers that will keep you on your toes. Plus, they often feature themed quiz nights for an extra dose of fun.
The Bridge 1859, Ballsbridge
The Bridge 1859 in Ballsbridge offers a lively atmosphere and an engaging quiz night experience. With a mix of traditional and multimedia rounds, including PowerPoint quizzes, it’s an excellent spot for trivia enthusiasts. Make sure to book a table in advance as it gets quite busy!
The Caley Sample Room, Dalry
Edinburgh is a city steeped in history and culture, and The Caley Sample Room in Dalry perfectly encapsulates this. Their weekly pub quiz is a hit among locals and tourists alike, with challenging questions spanning various categories. The quizmasters often incorporate audio and visual rounds, making it an exciting evening of trivia.
The Canny Man’s, Morningside
For a truly unique pub quiz experience, visit The Canny Man’s in Morningside. This charming pub offers a quiz night that combines traditional questions with cleverly crafted PowerPoint quizzes. You’ll be entertained and challenged in equal measure in this cozy, old-world setting.
The Wharf, Castlefield
In the heart of Castlefield, The Wharf hosts one of Manchester’s most popular pub quizzes. Their quizmasters go the extra mile to keep participants engaged with creative questions and themed rounds. It’s the perfect place to put your pub quiz skills to the test.
The Gaslamp, Northern Quarter
For those who prefer a more relaxed and quirky atmosphere, The Gaslamp in Northern Quarter is the place to be. Their weekly quiz night is known for its laid-back vibe and unconventional PowerPoint quizzes that will make you laugh as much as you think.
The Lord Clifden, Jewellery Quarter
Birmingham’s pub scene is thriving, and The Lord Clifden in Jewellery Quarter is a shining example of that. Their pub quiz nights are a hit with the locals, offering an array of intriguing questions and innovative PowerPoint quizzes. With a great selection of drinks and a welcoming atmosphere, it’s a must-visit for quiz enthusiasts.
The Old Crown, Digbeth
The Old Crown in Digbeth boasts a rich history, and their pub quiz nights are equally noteworthy. Held in their cozy pub, you can expect a challenging and diverse range of questions. Don’t be surprised if the quizmasters throw in some PowerPoint quizzes to keep you entertained throughout the evening.
Swansea and Cardiff
The No Sign Bar, Swansea
Swansea’s No Sign Bar is known for its rich history and friendly atmosphere. Their weekly pub quiz is a highlight, with thought-provoking questions that cover a wide range of topics. The occasional PowerPoint quizzes add an extra layer of excitement to the night.
The Mackintosh Sports Club, Roath
If you find yourself in Cardiff, head over to The Mackintosh Sports Club in Roath for a fantastic pub quiz experience. Their quiz nights are renowned for their engaging questions and fun PowerPoint quizzes that add a modern twist to the classic pub quiz format.
The Dirty Onion, Cathedral Quarter
In Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter, The Dirty Onion hosts a lively pub quiz night that’s a hit with locals and visitors alike. Expect challenging questions and creative PowerPoint quizzes in a vibrant and historic setting. It’s the perfect way to spend an evening in Belfast.
So, whether you’re in London, Dublin, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, Swansea, Cardiff, or Belfast, there’s a fantastic pub quiz night waiting for you. From traditional questions to creative PowerPoint quizzes, these quizzes for pubs offer a delightful blend of fun and intellectual challenge. Gather your friends, sharpen your wits, and embark on a trivia adventure in these exciting cities. Who knows? You might just discover your new favorite pub quiz spot!

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