How to set-up and run a pub quiz


At, we understand that hosting successful quizzes for pubs requires knowing your audience and crafting an enjoyable experience with captivating questions. With years of experience in writing and delivering quizzes, we have honed our content to strike the perfect balance, aiming for an average obtainable team score of approximately 80% correct. This approach ensures that players feel challenged yet not overwhelmed, fostering a positive and returning audience.

Understanding Your Audience:

Tailoring quizzes for pubs to suit your audience is paramount. Whether you're entertaining regular pub-goers, families, or a mix of participants, consider their preferences and knowledge levels. Strive to create questions that engage both seasoned quiz enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Team Numbers:

Determining the ideal team size is crucial for quizzes for pubs. While some quizzes limit teams to around four players, others allow for more contestants. Restricting team numbers offers a fair playing field and encourages healthy competition. However, larger teams can promote lively discussions, leading to a balanced experience for all participants.

Choosing the Right Format:

Our quizzes for pubs are available in two formats to cater to diverse preferences. The PDF paper-based quiz offers a straightforward option, allowing you to download and print the required team packs. Alternatively, our PowerPoint-based quizzes add an interactive twist, featuring audio and visual elements. Ensure your chosen venue can accommodate the chosen format to optimise the experience for players.

Essential Equipment:

Depending on the quiz format, you will need specific equipment to facilitate the event. For the paper-based quiz, gather pens, pencils, team name cards, and Joker cards. For the PowerPoint-based quiz, ensure you have a suitable computer or tablet, large screens or projectors, an appropriate audio system with a microphone, and the necessary connections and cables.

Clarify the Rules:

Make the rules clear from the outset to avoid any confusion or disputes in quizzes for pubs. Outline how marking will be conducted, either by the quizmaster, partners, or teams marking each other's papers. Encouraging team involvement in marking adds excitement and competitiveness to the event.

Team Names:

Request distinctive team names at the beginning of the quiz, making it easier for the quizmaster and other teams to identify each other. Team name cards displayed on tables add a fun touch and enhance the overall atmosphere.

Joker Cards:

Consider incorporating Joker cards into the quiz for pubs. Each team receives one card and can play it on a chosen round to earn double points. Joker cards add an element of strategy and anticipation, keeping players engaged throughout the quiz.

Announcing Scores:

Keep participants updated on scoring throughout the quiz for pubs, especially if Jokers are in play. Announce whether teams have already used their Joker or not, maintaining transparency and excitement as the quiz progresses.


With these key considerations in mind, you are well-equipped to host engaging quizzes for pubs that resonate with your audience. At, we provide comprehensive quiz question packs that cater to various interests and knowledge levels, ensuring your pub quiz nights become a resounding success. Create memorable experiences for your patrons with our captivating questions for quizzes and keep them coming back for more thrilling quizzing adventures.

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