How to set-up and run a pub quiz

Know your Audience

Our quizzes are designed to fit your audience or players. Our content will try and balance the average obtainable team score to be approximately 80% correct. This number has come from years' of experience in writing and delivering quizzes. We find that if players or teams get a reasonable score rather than be humiliated they will enjoy the quiz and come back for more.

Team Numbers

First thing to consider is how many people you are going to allow in each team. Some quizzes allow around 4 players per team, others allow as many contestants in each team as you like.

Pro’s for restricting the numbers of players are:

  • The audience perception is that the quiz is fair
  • More teams so greater competition

Con’s for restricting the numbers of players in a team are:

  • Friends and families want to play in a team together

We also find the larger teams have more debate regarding the correct answer. More opinions and views sometimes cause the incorrect answers to be agreed on. This often balances the small teams with the large teams.

Venue and equipment

Our quizzes come in two formats. The first is a PDF paper based quiz. Simply download the quiz and print out the required number of team packs. You will then require the following (some are optional):

  • Pens and pencils
  • Team name cards & marker pen
  • Joker cards

Our second format is a powerpoint based quiz. These are designed so that questions are paperless with high audio and visual impact. It is therefore important you have a venue where the Quizmaster and quiz content can be heard and seen by all players.

Equipment required:

  • Computer or tablet that can handle a Microsoft PowerPoint Slideshow
  • Large screen(s) or projector
  • Appropriate size audio system with microphone
  • Appropriate connections and cables
  • Answer sheets
  • Pens and pencils
  • Team name cards & marker pen
  • Joker cards


Make your rules clear from the outset.


At the end of each round you have the option to mark the quizzes yourself, or have a partner to do it for you, or get teams to mark each other’s papers as you reveal the answers. All of these options work however the latter adds to the involvement and competitiveness. Some quizzes leave the marking to the end of the entire quiz. This is not recommended. Build the excitement as the quiz goes on and the teams vie for top position. 

Team Names

It makes life easier if you ask your teams to come up with a distinctive name at the beginning. A team name card on the table helps the Quizmaster and other teams identify each other.


Some quizzes provide Joker cards. One card is given to each team at the beginning of each quiz and once you announce what the title of each round is going to be (you will need to do this at the beginning of each quiz if you choose this option), each team decides on which round they would like to ‘play their Joker’. They will get double points on this round.

Announcing scores

Make sure you keep your contestants up to date on scoring. If you are using Jokers, announce whether that team has already used their Joker or not.

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