Clever and Entertaining PowerPoint Pub Quiz Rounds for Pubs

Are you looking to spice up your pub quiz night and make it more engaging and memorable? PowerPoint is a versatile tool that allows you to create visually appealin In this blog post, we'll explore some of the cleverest and most entertaining PowerPoint pub quiz rounds that you can use to elevate your quiz night experience. you looking to spice up your pub quiz night and make it more engaging and memorable?

1.  Observation Round

We have a couple of Pub quizzes that include an observation round. We would have more as they are extremely clever and interesting however they take an extremely long time to prepare and put together. The concept is that a clip of 2 or 3 minutes is played from a TV Programme and the quiz players are asked to concentrate on it and take notes and then answer questions about the clip when it is finished. Upon playing the clip the second time the answers become evident and the teams are marked on how many correct answers they achieve.

2. Picture Round - Name the Celebrity:

This classic quiz round never gets old. Create a PowerPoint presentation with images of celebrities from various fields - actors, musicians, politicians, and more. Your participants must guess the names of these famous personalities. To make it more challenging, obscure their faces or use childhood photos.


3. Music Quiz - Guess the Song or guess the artist/b`nd:

Test your participants' musical knowledge by playing short music clips and challenging them to identify the song title and artist. With PowerPoint, you can embed audio files in your slides, creating a dynamic and engaging music quiz round. This certainly beats the old fashioned way here the pub quiz host would merely play a selection of music tracks from a ready-made selection on their phone or iPad. We also embed music videos within the slides so that upon revealing the answers the video plays which provides an extremely impressive experience for the pub quiz players.


  1. History Mystery Round:

Create a captivating historical quiz round by presenting intriguing historical events or figures with clues and hints. Participants must deduce the correct answer from the clues provided in the PowerPoint slides. This round is a fantastic way to combine education with entertainment.


5. Interactive Geography quiz Round:

Take your participants on a virtual world tour with an interactive geography round. Use PowerPoint to display maps, flags, or famous landmarks and ask questions about countries, capitals, or famous locations. Make it competitive by setting a time limit for each question.


6 Cryptic Crossword Pub Quiz Round:

Challenge your participants' wordplay and lateral thinking skills with a cryptic crossword round. Use PowerPoint to display cryptic crossword-style clues, and participants must solve them to reveal the answers. It's a brain-teaser that adds a unique twist to your pub quiz.


6. Anagram Challenge:

Create a fun and interactive anagram round within your  PowerPoint pub Quiz. Display a jumbled word, and participants must unscramble it to find the correct answer. You can include anagrams related to movies, sports, or general knowledge to keep it diverse and entertaining.


7. Name the Movie from the Quote:

Test your participants' movie knowledge with a quotes round. Use PowerPoint to display famous movie quotes and challenge participants to identify the movie it's from. You can make it even more engaging by playing audio clips of the quotes being spoken in the films.


8. Maths Mania Round:

Put your participants' maths skills to the test with a Maths Mania round. Create PowerPoint slides with maths problems of varying difficulty levels. The twist? The answers to each problem will form a secret code or message when solved correct.

Incorporating these clever and entertaining PowerPoint pub quiz rounds into your quiz nights will undoubtedly make them more engaging and enjoyable for your patrons. Whether you're hosting a quiz at a pub or a social event, these rounds will leave a lasting impression and keep participants coming back for more quiz night fun. So, fire up your PowerPoint and get ready to create an unforgettable quiz experience!

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