Bored of Conventional Quiz Formats?

Do you tire of conventional quiz formats and the need to print endless copies of quiz papers? Is your audience bored with same? If so move over to the new format for presenting a quiz. A fully automated powerpoint presentation, controlled by the quizmaster. Each question appears automatically at the click of a button. A further click moves you onto the next. Once the answer papers have been retrieved the presentation will reveal the answers. The music rounds contain snippets of tracks embedded within the presentation for "guess the song" or "guess the artist" or both. The reveal provides a pictorial presentation of the song cover. Observation rounds consist of an embedded video clip which the audience is asked to watch carefully. Questions are then asked on what they have just watched.

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  • Hi, are you still doing the 2 quiz for £5? And how do you also get the 2 free quizzes?

    Georgina Boyce

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