B214 Pub Quiz (07 Nov 2023) - Printable PDF Format

B214 Pub Quiz (07 Nov 2023) - Printable PDF Format

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Get ready to take your quiz night to the next level with our carefully crafted quiz, featuring six exciting rounds:

Round 1: General Knowledge, science, sports, and pop culture. It's the ultimate test of well-rounded knowledge.

Round 2: History, test your school lessons memory.

Round 3: Pictograms, say what you see!

Round 4: Country Silhouettes, test your geography mapping skills

Round 5: Wipeout Round (Multiple Choice Quiz Questions) Prepare for the ultimate quiz showdown in the Wipeout Round! Answer ten multiple-choice questions, but be cautious – a single incorrect answer means losing all your points in the round. The suspense is high, and the adrenaline is real!