A202 Pub Quiz (09 Aug 2023) - PowerPoint Format

A202 Pub Quiz (09 Aug 2023) - PowerPoint Format

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Featuring an exciting selection of six rounds filled with engaging pub quiz questions and their corresponding answers. These quizzes are an ideal choice for pubs seeking captivating entertainment or for enjoying at home.

This quiz consists of the following 6 rounds with 60 questions in total:

  1. General Knowledge Questions and Answers 
  2. What Comes Next Round Round
  3. Weather Round
  4. Celebrity Hairstyles Round
  5. Wipe Out Round of 10 multiple choice questions. Get one wrong and lose all your points in the round
  6. *0s Music Mix Round with music in the question slides and videos in the answer slides.

Once purchased you will be sent a link to download the PowerPoint quiz file. When downloaded open in PowerPoint or Keynote and click the slideshow tab and then play from start. Advance the quiz with a mouse click or using the up and down arrows on your keyboard.