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A02 - Downloadable Powerpoint Pub Quiz

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A longer quiz than normal, this one consists of a total of 80 questions spread over five rounds. The powerpoint consists of 121 different slides. The show starts with a few slides on how to set up and run the quiz.

The first round is an observation round. Watch the five minute video closely and then answer the 15 questions based on what you have seen. The clip comes from a well known TV programme.

Second round is a 15 question general knowledge round.

Third is a picture round of name the logo

Fourth is the wipe-out round, bit of multiple choice this one. Get any question wrong and lose all your points for the round. If you don't know the answer leave it blank.

The final round is a music round. 15 snippets of music, one point for the song and another for the artist.

Available for download in Powerpoint or Keynote format. Quiz delivery will take approximately 2 hours. All music and videos embedded within the presentation. Simply click to progress through the show.