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A204 Downloadable Powerpoint Quiz

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Elevate your pub quiz night with our ultimate downloadable PowerPoint Pub Quiz package, featuring six exhilarating rounds and a grand total of 60 captivating questions! Whether you're a pub owner looking to spice up your quiz nights or a quiz enthusiast seeking a memorable gathering, this quiz pack is your ticket to an unforgettable experience.

🧠 Round 1: General Knowledge Questions and Answers Test your wits with a mix of mind-boggling general knowledge questions that cover a wide range of topics. From history to science and everything in between, this round is designed to challenge even the savviest of participants.

🌟 Round 2: Famous People Round Guess the names of  those that have shaped history, entertainment, and culture in this round dedicated to famous individuals. 

🔢 Round 3: Numbers Round Put your numerical skills to the test with this unique round that involves number-related questions. 

👫 Round 4: Barbie and Ken Picture Round 

🚫 Round 5: Wipe Out Round Hold onto your points as you navigate through this thrilling round of 10 multiple-choice questions. But get just one question wrong, and you'll wipe out all your hard-earned points for the round.

🎶 Round 6: 2010s Music Mix Round Guess the name of the artist from the  music clips in the question slides, and unveil the answers with engaging videos in the answer slides. It's a harmonious journey through the decade's hottest tunes.