Keynote and Powerpoint – Important lessons learnt

All of our pub quizzes were designed on Powerpoint and unfortunately we had not even considered what would happen if a customer tried to operate them on Keynote. A bit of an oversight really considering the amount of people who use a Mac with Keynote pre-installed. It was only when one of our customers came back to us with the feedback that the pub quiz he had downloaded for use in his pub was not working properly. He was running it on an ipad with Keynote.

Once we checked we realised that strange things can happen when opening a powerpoint file on keynote. Not only do some of the builds change so animations worked in the wrong order but some of the music files didn’t work at all on the music quiz rounds. The general knowledge quiz rounds appeared to work ok as did the quiz rounds with no animation. However, some of the transitions didn’t convert properly between powerpoint and keynote so losing some of the presentation quality of the pub quizzes. It took a few hours running through the downloadable pub quizzes until we had fixed the problem. The powerpoints were adapted so that the pub quizzes ran properly when opened on keynote. All of the rounds were fixed from the general knowledge questions and answers, the music quiz rounds, picture quiz rounds and the movie questions.

We decided to upload both versions so these can be purchased separately depending on which pub quiz format the customer uses for the presentation. An important lesson learnt that everything should be checked and double checked for quality before being published.

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